Monday, May 12, 2008

Affordable housing discussion: Together or separate?

I'm considering forming a new Yahoo group for people serious about truly affordable cohousing concepts. Already I've received several private e-mails from people expressing an interest in doing this. I hesitate to start a discussion like this separate from the main coho mailing list because the knowledge and support of experienced cohousers is needed.

Since coho projects often are formed in a particular geographical area, I'm not quite sure how this new list would look. I'd like to see it include people who primarily want to keep expenses well under $150,000 per member, including community construction and membership -- from any geographical area.

If you are interested in being notified about formation of a group like this, please leave your name and e-mail address in the comments area. I'd also encourage you to subscribe to the C
ohousing Association's mailing list , check out the Cohousing wiki, and follow links from these sources and the Small House Society to read more about it. More later as this idea percolates.


Heather said...

I'd like to know about the list if you create it. Thanks, Heather M. (reinvent.the.norm a t gmail dot com)

David L Alexander said...

I wish you luck with this one. Many homes in cohousing developments are not affordable, because for all the hype, the results all too often resemble conventional suburban homes. One "cohousing" project in Virginia features homes with attached garages and sizable yards -- on a cul-de-sac. Is this the result of zoning issues, or the value system the builders take with them?